What is Pay-As-You-Feel?

All the food we prepare is served to the public on a Pay-As-You-Feel (PAYF) basis. This means that there is no set price on our food – people can make a donation of whatever they feel the food is worth. We like to think that this makes people consider the true value of this food that was going to be thrown away.
There are other obvious benefits to pay as you feel – it makes the food accessible to anyone, regardless of their financial status. We encourage people to volunteer with us instead of paying us money, even if that just involves washing up for half an hour during the event.
Donations of time and skills are just as valuable to us as money. We couldn’t exist without our talented network of volunteers who are willing to help us out when we need a poster designing or food collecting, some music at our next pop-up café or someone to run kids’ activities.
Do you feel you have a skill or a talent that would help us out? Or would you like to donate your time by helping out at our next event? Click here to find out more!
You can pay for food with:


Build some shelving for our market, design a poster, fix-up our website or anything else you can think of!


Donate what you can or what you feel our service and food is worth. How much do you value what others have thrown away?


Volunteer for us at our cafe, in the kitchen or front-of-house, collect food, plan events or just help us clean up!